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Balamand, Tripoli & Batroun

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Balamand Monastery is the seat of Greek Orthodox monastery dedicated to the Virgin Mary and Saint Georges. Eight centuries ago, Cistercian monks founded their first overseas abbey on a promontory south of Tripoli and gave it the name of Belmont. Balamand possesses a remarkable library with important manuscripts, two iconostases and a collection of important icons, the work of painters from a number of countries who came here at different times to contribute to the iconographic heritage of the monastery.


Some 85 km north of Beirut, shares in the long history of the Levantine coast. Founded by the three cities of Sidon, Tyre and Arados Island during the Persian era, it became the centre of a confederation, where Phoenicians met to debate their important affairs.
Since its foundation, probably in the 9th century B.C., until the end of the Crusader period. Tripoli was situated around the Al Mina port district.

After its destruction by the Mamlukes in 1289, however, it was replaced by a new town near the hill of the Crusader Castle of Raymond de Saint Gilles, founder of the County of Tripoli.
The castle has been renovated and changed many times during its history, most recently in the early 19th century.
Tripoli is a veritable living museum, preserving nearly a hundred important monuments from Crusader, Mamluke and Ottaman times. Distinguished remnants of the Mamluke period include the Great Mosque of Taynal, built with elements from ancient and Crusader monuments. Islamic religious schools known as madrasas, the ancient bazaars, khans (caravan serail) and hammams (baths) add oriental charm to the modern city. Today Tripoli is a prosperous industrial and business centre. Known as the capital of the North, it is the second largest city in Lebanon.


The coastal city of Batroun located in northern Lebanon is one of the oldest cities of the world.

Batroun is a major tourist destination in North Lebanon. The town boasts tens of historic churches, both Catholic and Greek Orthodox. The town is also a major beach resort with a vibrant nightlife. Citrus groves surround Batroun, and the town has been famous, from the early twentieth century, for its fresh lemonade, which is sold by most of the cafés and restaurants on its main street.

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  • Duration : around Full day with lunch
Summer Day: Monday.
Winter Day: Monday.

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  • Summer is from April 1st to October 31st
  • Winter is from November 1st to March 31st